Rubber Parts

Rubber Parts

Producing all kinds of rubber parts including pieces like dampers, fenders, O-ring, packing, Couplings, gaskets, all kinds of seals, in silicon liners, anti-friction sheets, pieces mixed for rubber & metal

Rubber lining

This company is able to perform all kinds of hot and cold rubber-covers on many types of vessel, pipes, links with different materials. It should be said that the existing possibilities have provided the ability of rubber-lining in big sites


We produce all types of diaphragm including city gas regulator diaphragms, diaphragms of gas stations like schlomberger, Venan, fancial, EZR, Asoflex, RMG, Tartarini, Rrombach, etc, manufactured with special materials and with 0.2 mm thickness and more which are REINFORCED


Another product is Sleeve Axial Flow Valve in 2” to 8” sizes, and 150,300,600 classes


PTFE includes composite rubber parts; We also manufacture Dozing and Sounders diaphragms

Casting Accessories

We manufacture Polyethylene and Steel Band Type Casing End Seal and Insulator. The S-type is used in executive and the Z-type is used in repairing cases